Season 2 Preview

Reboot’s Jewish-ish podcast is back for season two with actress and comedian Jessica Chaffin (Ronna, of comedy duo “Ronna & Beverly”) joining as co-host with Dan Crane. Named “one of the Top 10 Jewish Podcasts,” by Moment magazine, THE KIBITZ is about asking interesting questions—some big, many little—and exploring all you’ve ever wanted to know about Judaism through a humorous, cultural lens. Listen to the official season preview below.



Dan Crane (@dancranehere) is a journalist, musician, Jew (lax, loves lox) and retired professional air-guitarist.

He writes about culture and travel for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, California SundaySlate, and numerous other publications. 

He’s the author of “To Air is Human” and stars in the documentary, Air Guitar Nation.





Jessica Chaffin (@jessicachaffin) is an American actress, comedian, and writer perhaps best known as Ronna of the comedy duo "Ronna & Beverly." Other credits include VeepSpyThe Heat, the animated show Big Mouth out on Netflix 9/29, and the upcoming season of Search Party.