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Episode 25: The False Lens of History

How has our understanding of history been curated by the choices of photographers, journalists and historians? This episode features curator at the International Center for Photography in New York Maya Benton talking about the photos of Roman Vichniac, and Yiddish scholar Eddy Portnoy discussing what he calls "The Jewish OJ trial of the 1870s” from his book, Bad Rabbi: And Other Strange But True Stories from the Yiddish Press.

Coming up this season:

●      Jews & Psychedelics – Was Moses tripping when he saw the burning bush? The secret history of Jews and drugs.

●      Death – What’s the Jewish notion of what happens when we die, how has it changed over time, and what’s “Death Over Dinner, Jewish Edition”?

●      The False Lens of History – The photos of Roman Vishniak, the tale of America’s first Jewish murderer, and how our perception of history is shaped by the artifacts of an era. 

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